Sea Sunday

The Third Sunday of September

Sea Sunday – a day of prayer and remembrance of seafarers – has been celebrated by SCW on the third Sunday of September for many years.  Due to nationwide port security regulations, holding the service at the Center is no longer possible.

However remembering seafarers, their families and the sacrifices they make to bring us the goods we enjoy has never been more important.  Mariners are away from loved ones for extended periods of time when they go to work at sea, and their jobs are not without danger.  Modern day pirates are all too real.

The Seamen’s Center of Wilmington asks churches throughout our region to celebrate Sea Sunday in their own house of worship – on the third Sunday of September or whatever Sunday they deem appropriate – and has prepared a list of suggested hymns, prayers and readings.

A Prayer for All Seafarers

O Lord of the great oceans, we praise and magnify Your Holy name.  You have given us a highway on which we may travel to many nations and come to know many peoples.  We give You thanks for all seafarers who navigate our ships and carry cargoes all over the world, for our lives are enriched through their labors.  Forgive us when we forget how much we owe them and may we rejoice in the skills and courage they bring to their calling.  Never leave or forsake them but go with them as they sail the lonely seas and bring them safely home to those who love them.  Through Jesus Christ our lord.  AMEN.

A Prayer for Those Who Work at Sea

O God, as we remember that Your Son called His disciple, Peter, to come to Him upon the waters, we pray now for all those whose labor is upon the seas.  In times of loneliness, show them that You are never far away; in times of peril be their protection; in times of temptation be their strength, and when they stumble and fall give them penitence and pardon, peace and hope.  Through Jesus Christ our lord.  AMEN.

A Prayer for Seafarers in Hospital

Look in compassion, O God, upon all seafarers who by reason of sickness or accident are at this time in hospitals, many in places far from their home, their families and their friends.  Give Your wisdom to doctors and nurses and to all who minister to the sick, and by Your blessing on their service grant healing and restoration to those who suffer.  We ask these things for the sake of Him who is the Good physician, our Lord Jesus Christ.  AMEN.

A Prayer for Those at Sea

Almighty and Eternal God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of the oceans, hear our prayer for all those who serve in the Naval, Merchant and Fishing Fleets.  Preserve them from the dangers of rock and tempest, fire and foe; we pray that they may reach in safety the harbor to which they voyage.  We pray too for those who service in lighthouses and for the man of the coastguard, lifeboat and other rescue services.  We thank You for the many lives they have saved through their faithful and courageous service.  Finally, we would pray for seamen’s Chaplains, may they
Encourage seafarers to know that, whatever the storms of life, Jesus is always with them, even as He was with His disciples in the storm of the Sea of Galilee.  AMEN.

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