Christmas at Sea

Bridging the Gap between Ship and Shore

The goal of the Christmas at Sea program is to give a Ditty Box filled with gifts to every seafarer arriving in the First State during the month of December.  Last year the Seamen’s Center provided gifts to over 1,200 mariners.  The shoe boxes are filled with essentials like toothpaste, razors, soap, a few goodies like playing cards and candy, and a hat and scarf.  Each box is gift wrapped and SCW volunteers deliver the boxes directly to the ships.


Make a Ditty Box...

You can help this year by contributing some of the items listed on this site, or by filling a Ditty Box.  The Seamen’s Center starts delivering gifts on December 1st, so it is helpful to have contributions prior to that date. 

For additional information, please contact Joan Lyons at 302-575-1300.





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