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Seamen’s Center of Wilmington, Inc.

Seamen’s Center of Wilmington, a 501(c)3 non-profit, opened its doors and hearts to mariners arriving in the First State on January 1, 1990.  Founded by a diverse group of individuals from the maritime, business and religious communities and sponsored in part by the Port of Wilmington Maritime Society, the Center was designed as a non-denominational mission dedicated to offering all seafarers arriving in Delaware a haven from the isolation of life aboard a merchant vessel.

The dedication of the SCW corps of volunteers touches the lives of thousands of seafarers with a commitment to personal, practical and spiritual assistance.  Federally mandated port security regulations prohibit seafarers from leaving their ship; and once again SCW volunteers have risen to the challenge of assisting mariners by providing them escort services on Port property.  In response to the Center and the needs of the seafarers, folks from all walks of life in our surrounding community help to assure that the mission is accomplished through their volunteerism, contributions and participation in SCW programs.

Seamen’s Center of Wilmington
Board of Directors

Lisa B. Himber

John D. Haroldson
Vice President

Michael L. Hershey

F. L. Peter Stone, Esq.

John J. Deemer

Leo F. Hannon

John D. Haroldson

James A. Hunter

Capt. Kelly McCandless

Christopher M. Rowland

Lisa Stapleford



Seamen's Center of Wilmington, Inc.
Port of Wilmington
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