Seamen's Center of Wilmington

Port of Wilmington, Delaware

We all depend on seafarers to bring us many of our daily necessities such as food, fuel, and clothing.  In addition, they carry goods we export.  In fact, over ninety per cent of world trade travels by sea.  Because ships are constantly on the move and make news only when they are launched, wrecked on our coastline, or sunk with massive loss of life, seafarers are easily forgotten. 

Seafarers work in a ruthlessly competitive international industry.  To cut costs, crews are constantly being reduced in size which means longer hours and greater stress for those remaining.  The search for cheaper seafarers has resulted in more mixed-nationality, mixed-language crews, bringing with them problems of communication and fewer opportunities for social contact. 

Under the best of circumstances seafarers spend long periods isolated at sea – away from homes and families. In a world where time is money, periods in port are reduced to a minimum.  There is little time for rest and recreation.  At worst, they endure poor living and working conditions.  Some ships are put to sea in an unsafe state.  Sometimes crews have no proper contract of employment and, on occasion, they are not paid at all.

For 190 years, the ministry of Seamen’s Centers has been caring for seafarers of all races and creeds.  Chaplains, staff, and volunteers work in some 300 ports throughout the world – showing support for seafarers by visiting them on their ships, listening to their stories and offering them personal, practical and spiritual assistance.  Since 1990, the Seamen’s Center of Wilmington has been giving crews an opportunity to relax away from their ships, meet people other than fellow crew members, make a telephone call, send an e-mail, post a letter to loved ones at home, or go shopping.

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